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How to Join a WKCC Trip

Trip/Event Calendar

  1. If you're a WKCC member, join the Trips and Members-to-Members Mailing Lists. See Updating Your Profile under the Member's Website Guide button for details. If you're not a member, just go to step 2 and check the Trip/Event Calendar.
  2. Pick a trip from the Trip/Event Calendar. If there's not a trip when you'd like one, post a message to the Trips mailing list and propose one. You don't have to lead the trip to initiate and/or organize one.
  3. Follow the instructions in the event description or mailing list posting to join the trip. Usually it involves nothing more than clicking the Register Now button on the event. IMPORTANT: You should receive a confirmation email almost immediately upon registering. If you don't get this email, click the Registrants button on the event and make sure you're on the list. If not, register again and be sure to click the "Complete Registration" button.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ADEQUATE SKILLS AND GEAR FOR THE TRIP. See The Safety Talk page or contact the trip organizer if you're unsure.
  5. Register Early! If you wait until the last day to register your trip organizer is likely already offline and out of range.
Questions? Contact the website folks from the Contact Us button.

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