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Learn to Paddle Safely

When you join the WKCC, you have the opportunity to paddle with skilled boaters with many years of experience. On-the-water training and practice with experienced boaters is the best and fastest way to improve your skills and stay safe.


There is nothing like the thrill and comradrie of paddling for building long-lasting friendships. You're likely to meet others in your area to enjoy your local waters with often.


Paddling is an addictive full-body workout. Once you make a few friends and start paddling regularly you will notice a big improvement in your physical and mental health.

Club Trips

Club trips are led by experienced boaters on waters they know well. Paddling new waters is a blast, and you'll rapidly improve your skills in the process.

Safety Weekend

Safety Weekend is available only to members and will teach you the crucial skills for safe paddling and water rescue. Cliick the Safety Weekend button on the left for more information.

This Website

When you join the WKCC, you gain access to some powerfool online tools to expand your paddling life:
  • Membership directory, letting you connect to other members who share your interests
  • Discussion forums with other members
  • Mailing lists that will keep you in-the-know
  • Members-only trips
  • Member trip reports and descriptions
  • Member articles
  • Member photo and video galleries.
  • What other tools would  you like? Contact us.

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