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Phase 2 COVID-19 Message from the Board

With most counties in Oregon now in Phase 2 of reopening, WKCC has resumed coordinating club trips. Boaters must not have had COVID symptoms in the last 3 weeks, and must not have had close contact with anyone with COVID or unexplained COVID symptoms. Boaters must wear masks on the trip whenever they are within 6 feet of people not in their household. Shuttles must be COVID-safe. This includes bike shuttles, cars with members of the same household or personal COVID bubble, move-my-car shuttle services, and cars with a minimum number of passengers (ideally only 1) sitting as far apart as possible with masks on and windows open. Trips need to be conducted in Phase 2 or 3 areas, and all boaters on a trip need to be from Phase 2 or 3 areas. Please help us keep our members safe!

COVID requirements may change due to evolving risk assessments by state and county health administrators.

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Club Trips/Events in the Next Month

Upcoming Events

Winter Membership Meeting, February 18th, 7 PM

Presentation by Zach Collier on Wild and Scenic Rivers

WKCC welcomes Zach Collier of Northwest Rafting to our virtual membership meeting on February 18th at 7pm. His presentation will be preceded by a brief business meeting. 

Zach will talk about the the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and what paddlers can do to advocate for their favorite rivers. He’ll also share photos from some of his favorite  lesser known Wild and Scenic Rivers in Oregon.

Meet Zach Collier

Zoom Meeting:

What's a Wild and Scenic River?
List of Oregon's
 Wild and Scenic Rivers              
Wild and Scenic River System Logo 
Oregon has 1,916 miles of rivers designated as wild & scenic, 2% of the state's river miles.

Zach Collier NW Rafting Company

Fall Membership Meeting took place December 3rd

Presentation by Priscilla Macy

After a short business meeting and election of new board members we were treated to a presentation by Priscilla Macy "Finding Flow - The Rewards of Adventure Creek Boating".
Priscilla is a river advocate, photographer, and exploratory whitewater paddler.

Presentation and Q&A session can be watched here.


River Tales Book

River Tales is now available! See the details here.

Safety Weekend 2021, July 17-18

Hi All,
We had to cancel Safety Weekend 2020. It wasn't safe to host an event involving a large group of people, and after all, we're all about safety. 

On the bright side, we've already begun planning next year's Safety Weekend—July 16-18, 2021. I hope that these days work for you and that you can attend. Even though it won't be this summer, in 2021 we can all look forward to a fabulous weekend of learning and practicing river safety.

Registration will open Spring 2021

Mari Baldwin
Safety Weekend Coordinator

Upcoming River Cleanups -- Great way to meet fellow boaters and do good.

Small groups are being organized in Eugene area. 
Eugene--Usually the 2nd Tuesday. For details see Facebook page Eugene-Springfield River Guardians Trashy Tuesday.

Great Willamette Cleanup October 3, 2020 was a great success!! looking forward to next years event.

The following events are on hold for now:
Usually the 2nd Thursday. For details see Facebook page Corvallis River Guardians Trashy Thursday.
Salem--Thursday, April 16,10:30.

OSMB Reported Obstructions Alerts

See the posted river/water hazards here.

WKCC Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook account, search for "Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club" and join the group.

Welcome to the WKCC and Oregon Paddling!

The Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club has a membership of over 300, and is based in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. The club's goals are to: 

  • Organize paddling trips on all types of water, all over Oregon and other Western states, for its members.
  • Help members acquire the confidence and skills needed for kayaking and canoeing.
  • Promote the enjoyment, challenges, thrills, and camaraderie of kayaking and canoeing.
  • Promote and practice water safety.
  • Help conserve, preserve and protect the free-flowing rivers of Oregon.
Please use the buttons on the site menu to learn about member benefits, upcoming trips & events, and Safety Weekend. Then click the Join the WKCC member to become a member. See you on the water!

Where Are Our Members From?

Waterway Access & Aquatic Invasive Species Permits for boats 10 feet & longer.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, the Oregon Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Permit required for non-motorized boats 10 feet and longer will be replaced by a Waterway Access Permit. The AIS Permit will remain for out-of-state motorized boats and is included in Oregon boat registration fees. 

More info at

Oregon Invasive Species Permits Now called Waterway Access Permit is required on boats 10ft or longer.  $7/day, $19/year, $30/two year. Available on-line or at BiMart, Walmart, and others.

Idaho Invasive Species Boat Stickers

Washington Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permits
Washington State also requires a Discover Pass to park at most state park boat ramps. $10/day or $30 /year plus processing fee.

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